Possessed Land areas of Assam yet to be transferred

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Assam: An order was passed on 9 October 2015, the Guwahati High Court on handing over the possession of the second and sixth addition land to the Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve (KNPTR), respectively in the regions of Golaghat and Biswanath.

The court order was on handing over the possession of the notified evicted areas of the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 6th additions of the National Park to the Park authorities.

Already the high court directed the deputy commissioners of Golaghat, Sonitpur, and Nagaon to take expedition steps to evict the inhabitants in the 2md, 3rd, 5th, and 6th additions of the KNPTR, including Deurchur Chang, Banderdubi, and Palkhowa within just a month.
Communications are under process for the status report on the possessed land of the said additions.

Till now, KNP authorities have got the possessed areas, 294.68 hectares under Banderdubi, 16.80 hectares under Deosur, and 4.75 hectares under Palkhowa transferred to them.
Overall, 316.23 hectares in Nagaon, 255.24 hectares under 2nd addition, 69.76 hectares under 3rd addition, and 115.36 hectares under 5th addition – which is a total area of 440.36 hectares under Golaghat District got transferred.

The Sonitpur district administration transferred over 7.752 hectares of possessed land to KNP authorities.
And out of 32,398 hectares under Biswanath district administration, only 32,063 has been handed over to KNP so far.

But so far, there hasn’t been any initiative taken to process the handover of the possessed land areas in the Golagahat and Biswanath districts.