Satish Kumar Kalra appointed as Interim MD and CEO of NESFB

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Guwahati: The North East Small Finance Bank (NESFB) announced the appointment of Satish Kumar Kalra as its Interim managing director and chief executive officer. 

With approval from both the NESFB board and the Reserve Bank of India Kalra brings to the table an illustrious career spanning over four and a half decades in the banking industry.

Kalra’s professional journey is marked by his tenure at Andhra Bank as the managing director and  CEO (In-charge), and executive director, where he drove significant growth achieving a 13 percent compound annual growth rate in credit and added over 1200 branches worldwide. His expertise in Treasury Management, NPA credit management, and risk management has been pivotal in his previous roles.

Known for his innovative approach, Kalra has been instrumental in spearheading business transformation initiatives, capital and profit planning, and human resource development.

Kalra’s long association with several prestigious institutions as an independent director, including roles at  PNB GILTS, Ind Bank Merchant Services, JK Cement Limited, and CAN FIN Homes Ltd. underscores his deep expertise in the industry.

As Kalra steps into the role of MD & CEO at NESFB, he will be instrumental in steering the bank towards a path of growth and stability. His expertise will be pivotal in enhancing branch management and the bank’s asset base further bolstering the bank’s stability. 

Additionally, he will oversee the bank’s strategic growth and business directives in line with the highest governance and regulatory standards. He will spearhead the ongoing merger process between slice and NESFB, dedicating particular attention to the optimisation of bank operations and ensuring a seamless cultural integration of the two entities.

Tapan Kumar Hazarika, Independent Director, NESFB, said, "We are at a pivotal juncture in our journey, and the appointment of Satish Kumar Kalra as Interim MD & CEO stands testament to our commitment towards excellence and sustainable growth. His formidable experience and leadership acumen give us immense confidence in his ability to steer NESFB through the forthcoming changes. His strategic vision aligns perfectly with our goals, and we are eager to witness the innovation and progress he will undoubtedly bring to NESFB."

Commenting on his appointment, Satish Kumar Kalra, Interim MD and  CEO, NESFB, added, "I am deeply honoured to assume this role. This is a unique opportunity to be at the helm of what is poised to be a groundbreaking merger in the banking industry - a cross-cultural collaboration between two entities set to redefine the financial landscape by leveraging NESFB’s grassroots banking and slice’s digital prowess. I’m looking forward to guiding NESFB through this transformative phase and shaping a new future for banking in India."

Kalra will be officially assuming the role of Interim MD and CEO under the guidance of the bank board. His appointment marks a significant milestone for NESFB in its pursuit of innovation and excellence in the banking sector.

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