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Sikkimese Farmers to receive numerous selling opportunities

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Guwahati: Sikkim Minister for Agriculture, Horticulture, and Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services Departments Lok Nath Sharma today said the US visit was truly fruitful for the state, which will certainly create numerous opportunities for Sikkimese farmers to sell their organic products.

He said it was a great experience to learn various essential factors for further strengthening the farming sector and making the farmers self-reliant and prosperous, economically.

He mentioned that the delegation visited most of the states which are agriculturally potential and met investors, business partners, officials, progressive farmers, and others.

The visiting delegation has received an incredible response and strong assurance from the potential partners in dealing marketing of organic products in the United States.  While on the flip side, the state should be able to beat a major challenge of producing surplus production for self-sufficiency and export, he added.

He also shared that the US market has a huge demand for organic products like turmeric, bamboo shoots, fermented leafy green vegetables (gundruk), Kinema, cardamom, meat, and many more vegetables and crops.

The state government with the concerned department and  Sikkim Organic Farming Development Agency (SOFDA)/ Sikkim State Organic Certification Agency (SSOCA) have been providing the necessary support and guiding the progressive farmers, FPOs, entrepreneurs of agriculture, and allied sectors to export their produce. He also advised farmers to work hard with absolute determination to enhance production through cluster farming, so that the increasing demand in the global market can be addressed successfully.

He also shared his experience of addressing the Association of Food Industries convention in Florida. He mentioned that the august house of international delegates from various countries was well informed about the potential of the Himalayan state and the future scope of investing here in Sikkim. Organic products of Sikkim were also displayed that received huge appreciation from foreign agencies and participants.

 He also mentioned that the required official formalities have been accomplished to acquire the NOP certificate and a team shall visit Sikkim in near future. 

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