Small tea growers contribute nearly half of Assam's tea production: Assam Minister

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Guwahati: Small tea growers (STGs) contribute 47.77% of Assam's annual tea production, Industries and Commerce Minister Bimal Borah revealed while responding to a question from Independent MLA Akhil Gogoi

The state is home to 120,000 small tea growers, Borah stated. However, recent data by the Tea Board India indicates that the total number of small tea growers in Assam has risen to 1,25,484. The Tea Board of India data reveals that the Northeast Indian region is home to around 132,000 small tea growers.

Assam is the largest tea-growing region globally; around 1,17,000 hectares of land in the state are under cultivation by these small tea growers, which has a substantial impact on the tea landscape.

Highlighting the economic aspect, Minister Borah shared that the minimum and maximum prices for green leaves produced by small growers in 2022–23 were Rs 13.78 per kg and Rs 40.44 per kg, respectively. Notably, these rates remained competitive in 2023–24, with prices set at Rs 13.79 per kg as the minimum and Rs 33.97 per kg as the maximum, which indicates a robust and sustainable market for small tea growers in Assam.

Borah further explained that the minimum selling price for green leaves from small growers is determined by district committees, with the district commissioner serving as a crucial member. This decentralized approach ensures that pricing reflects local conditions and provides a fair income to small growers across different regions.

In the fiscal year 2022–23, Assam's overall tea production reached a staggering 698.38 million kg. Of this total, big growers contributed 363.66 million kg, while small growers played a pivotal role by producing 334.72 million kg.

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