Telecom services' AGR rises to 18%; government collects 19% of AGR

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Guwahati: Telecom services providers’ Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR) grew 17.91 percent on a year over year basis to Rs.60,530 crore in April-June 2022.

Jio is leading in terms of revenue share, said telecom operator TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) in a report. The AGR of telecom service providers was Rs.51,335 core in June 2021 quarter according to the performance indicator report for quarter ended in June 2022 released by TRAI.

The government collects its share of revenue from the AGR of the telecom service providers. The government’s share of revenue which is collected through AGR grew by 19 percent to Rs. 6,843 crore comprising Rs.4,844 crore as licence fees and Rs.1,999 crore as Spectrum Usage Charges.

Among pan-India mobile service providers, Jio has made the highest contribution of Rs.21,515 crore with year on year (YoY) growth of 20.58 percent to the AGR.

Bharti Airtel topped the chart in terms of growth rate. Its AGR grew 25.15 percent year on year to Rs.17,140.56 crore.

Vodafone Idea AGR grew 17.93 percent to Rs. 7,356.54 crore and BSNL registered 2.6 percent year on year growth in AGR at Rs. 2,177.95 crore.

“Access services (mobile phone, broadband services for end consumers) contributed 80.95 percent of the total adjusted gross revenue of telecom services,” the report said.

The sector’s gross revenue (GR) grew by 17.91 percent to Rs.76,408 crore from Rs.64,801 crore a year ago.

The Gross Revenue however declined marginally on a quarter-over-quarter basis from Rs.76,420 crore in March 2022 quarter.

Government’s share of revenue which is calculated based on AGR grew by about 19 percent to Rs.6,843 crore comprising Rs.4,844 crore as license fees and Rs.1999 crore as Spectrum Usage Charge (SUC)

The license fee collection grew by 18.05 percent to Rs.4,844 crore from Rs.4,103 crore and SUC grew 21,47 percent to Rs. 1999 crore from Rs.1,646 crore year on year.

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