Tripura's Traditional Attire 'RISHA' Receives Prestigious Geographical Indication (GI) Tag

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Agartala: In a moment of cultural triumph, the traditional attire 'RISHA' from Tripura has been adorned with the prestigious Geographical Indication (GI) registration, commonly referred to as the GI tag.

Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha  shared the news on social media, announcing the official recognition of 'Tripura Risa' with the coveted GI tag. 

Expressing his congratulations to all artisans, particularly those from the Killa Mahila Cluster, promoted by the Tripura Rural Livelihood Mission (TRLM), he emphasized that this recognition would undoubtedly propel our signature garment towards international acclaim.

The Killa Mahila Cluster Level Federation (CLF) of Gomati District, under the steadfast support of TRLM, successfully secured the GI registration for RISHA. The journey towards obtaining the GI tag began in 2019 when former Deputy Chief Minister Jishnu Dev Varma served as the Rural Development minister.

"Tripura Risa Textile" is renowned for its surprising and stylish designs, exclusive multicolored combinations, and enduring texture. This fabric has earned accolades from international weaving stalwarts and holds great significance in preserving the artistry of the Tripuri people. Crafted by Tripuri tribal women using a traditional loin loom, Risa features multicolored warp and weft threads, resulting in breathtakingly beautiful and stylish designs.

The vibrant color combinations and intricate textures are characteristic of this exquisite fabric, showcasing the Tripuris' profound knowledge of multicolored design weaving passed down through generations.

Over the past two years, TRLM has played a pivotal role in supporting the CLF, providing comprehensive assistance, including mobilization, concept seeding on GI, report writing, and establishing the technical agency for the GI hearing process.

On the issue, Loken Das, GM/OIC of NABARD Tripura RO, expressed satisfaction at the successful registration of these products under the GI category and extended gratitude to TRLM for their proactive initiatives. 

He further said that NABARD, a staunch supporter of GI registrations across the country, has not only offered financial assistance for obtaining GI registration for Risa, Pasra, and Matabari Peda in Tripura during 2022-23 but has also sanctioned financial support for various products, including Oranges of Jampui Hills, Spine Gourd, Sabri Banana, Cashew, Kalikhasa Rice, Guria/Binni Rice, Harinarayan Aromatic rice, Maimi Hunger (Black Rice), and Maimi Watlok (Brown Rice) for the year 2023-24.

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