An Emerging Engineering Firm in the NE Region- Mech Technik (India) Pvt. Ltd.

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A BNE  Exclusive with Mr. Ruben Chowdhury MD,

Mech Technik (India) Pvt. Ltd.

  1. Mech Technik, an emerging engineering firm in the NE region, promises with innovative tech solutions with upright services. So, how does it aim to stand out amid all the tech firms and also, how would you like to define the idea behind starting a tech firm in Assam specifically?

Mech Technik (India) Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in the year 1984, with a vision to execute projects in the Hydrocarbon Sector especially in the Oil & Gas Production and Transportation field. Most of these projects in the late ’70s and early ’80s were executed by firms from outside the State. The promoter Managing Director of our Company, Late Ramesh Chaudhury, being a Mechanical Engineer, himself had the vision and foresight to start this company to generate employment and at the same time develop a skilled workforce for this kind of very specialised mechanical works. Assam being rich in Oil & Gas then, the idea of setting up this specialised firm, was a brilliant idea.

2. Being a tech firm based out of Assam, what were the initial challenges faced by Mech Technik in the sector?

There were many challenges the tech firm had to face initially like the availability of skilled manpower locally and also the availability of the various consumables required for the execution of the work which had to be mostly outsourced from Pan India and abroad. During the initial years, most of the operations were manual in nature and thus required a huge deployment of manpower that was not locally available. You will appreciate that Oil & Gas exploration takes place in remote far-flunked areas of the state which were very poorly connected via rail and road 35 years ago. Banking and telecommunication were also at their nascent stage compared to present-day connectivity. Money had to be sent in person to the various sites of work which can now be done with a click of a button. 

3. As mentioned, Mech Technik specialises in the sophisticated work related to construction, laying of gas pipelines, compressor stations, the hydrogen sector, and so on. Your tech firm has the relevant clients, what would you say on your overall allotted manpower or how much employment is generated?

Over the past three and a half decades Mech Technik has successfully trained local individuals in skills mostly from the rural areas as pipe welders, fitters, grinders, riggers, equipment operators and thus providing them with the livelihood to maintain their families. You would be glad to know that some of these people are also working in other parts of India and abroad in the Oil & Gas sector today. This gives us immense pleasure and would consider this as one of our major successes.

4. Currently, the laying of the gas pipeline is on everyone’s page. So, you being associated to the Oil & Gas sector, what is your opinion on it considering the present & future of the NE region?

Thousands of kilometres of new pipelines are being laid as per the policies of the Central Govt. in making natural Gas available to every state capital in the North East region which shall reap its fruits in the next couple of years. The piped-Gas facility is a great Smart City development that has been initiated which will also generate job opportunities during its development phase and its operation.

In spite of the Government’s slogan for – “Vocal for Local” you’ll be surprised to note that entities like IGGL and PBGPL that are tendering for pipe laying works, no local firms are given an opportunity.

5. Considering the pandemic situation, what is your take on its effects on technological firms and the services like gas pipeline that your firm provides?

In the first two lockdowns and in the prevailing situation, the govt. has considered all Oil & Gas related works as essential services so luckily we haven’t been hit as hard as other industries. At the same time, the pandemic has unleashed its economic effects in the form of supply chain disruptions thus inflating costs of various consumables (especially fuel and steel) that have considerably hiked our working costs. At this time it’s difficult to assess if costs will continue their upward trend or take a halt and reverse from this point making it difficult to make future projections which in turn makes it difficult to be competitive while quoting for a job. The pandemic has also changed the work environment as Covid prevention protocols are followed at the office and all the work sites.

6. How has your tech firm been contributing towards the economy of Assam in the NE region and how it affects the annual turnover?

Our operations generate employment in different parts of Assam at different levels of skill set. We also do our procurement-related activities through local vendors which certainly contributes to the economy of Assam. Since we do very specialised work our opportunities are also limited even though the quantum work is always large.

7. Does your firm have any further plans that would robust the economy and technological development of Assam? What would you like to share with the youths of Assam and what should they expect from you in the future?

We have various projects in the pipeline and we are expecting many more jobs in the future in this region due to the Government’s “Look East Policy” that in turn also looks at developing the seven states of the North East in terms of infrastructure. As for the part of technological development of Assam, we are looking to get into the renewable energy sector which I would also advise future generations to participate in. The world is at a crossroads where we need to make very quick changes to our energy generation practices. If we can generate expertise in the Renewable Energy sector in terms of skill it will help us secure our future and make the world a better place for everybody.