Arunachal as a ‘workathon’ destination? CM Khandu extends an invitation to everyone

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Itanagar: When one thinks of Arunachal Pradesh, one thinks of scenic valleys, pristine rivers, and snow-capped mountains. But work?

If Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu had his way, however, it could all change as he has invited “everyone to consider it as their preferred workathon destination.”

To understand why Khandu said that, we have to go back to Thursday when Kartik Mandaville, a professional working with Springworks posted that their software engineer Bhargav had chosen Arunachal Pradesh for his latest “workathon.” In two pictures that he posted on X, formerly Twitter, his colleague could be seen working in a picturesque location near a lake surrounded by trees, presumed by commenters to be Ziro. “Find me a more beautiful view to work with”, Mandaville challenged.

Khandu took notice of the post on Saturday morning. The Chief Minister applauded Kartik’s friend for selecting Arunachal Pradesh and thanked him for sharing the post. “We are fortunate as Arunachal embodies beauty, serenity, natural wonders, and hospitable people", wrote Khandu replying to the post. "I invite everyone to consider it as their preferred workation destination."

Khandu has often highlighted the state’s natural beauty on social media, urging tourists to visit his picturesque state. Today, for instance, Khandu posted a sweeping drone shot of the Aalo region in West Siang district after reaching the district headquarters for a public meeting. Last year, Khandu’s deputy Chowna Mein predicted that tourism would soon become the state’s biggest industry.

Ziro, located in the Lower Subansiri district, once again highlighted during the discussion, is well-known for the annual 'eco-friendly’ Ziro Music Festival which attracts tourists from all parts of India and beyond. Notably, the festival has been included in the list of World Heritage sites status by UNESCO in the cultural landscape category. This year's artist line-up included Farhan Akhtar’s band Farhan Echoes, Arunachali indie pop sensation Taba Chake, popular singer Mohit Chauhan, and rapper MC Altaf.

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