Bharti Airtel to launch an all in one solution for homes

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New Delhi: The latest innovation Airtel Black, an all-in-one solution for homes will be launched by Bharti Airtel soon.

A plan that will bundle two or more services- fibre, DTH, mobile together to become ‘Airtel Black’ will entitle a single bill for the customer, one customer care number alongwith a dedicated relationship managers team ensuring priority resolutions of faults and issues.

Uninterrupted, super-convenient services will leniently liberate customers from bill management or customer care hassles. The Airtel Black launched, will ensure a smooth interaction with separate service providers while giving a zero- installation/switching value with life-free services.

With this launch, from now on customers will enjoy uninterrupted TV services with monthly bill payments.

This collaboration will be a milestone step for Bharti Airtel to resolve the customer issues at Airtel enabling a hassle-free smooth life for the customers during this pandemic.

Shashwat Sharma, Marketing & Communications Director, Bharti Airtel adds that Airtel is uniquely positioned to deliver uninterrupted service for an exceptional experience for all the homes. Services like fibre, DTH, and mobile will be their ultimate goal which is the main focus for Airtel Black.