Election Commission's vigilance leads to seizures worth Rs 8889 crore amid polls

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New Delhi: The Election Commission has ordered the seizure of an unprecedented amount worth Rs 8889 crores by enforcement agencies amid an ongoing effort to resist money power and inducements in the Lok Sabha elections, officials said on Saturday.

"With a key focus on reducing inducements, particularly pharmaceuticals and psychotropic substances, the commission's increased vigilance has resulted in significant actions and a steady increase in seizures since March 1", the EC said in a release.

It has noted a "startling increase" in drug seizures, which have been the most common among confiscated items. The Commission's thorough strategy, which includes regular follow-ups, district inspections, and active participation by enforcement agencies, has contributed to the large increase in seizures, which has had an influence on elections at many levels.

Rajiv Kumar, Chief Election Commissioner, stressed the crucial necessity for accurate intelligence-based anti-drug and narcotics measures to minimize the influence of dirty money in elections and protect the nation's and youth's future.

Key discussions, including those with the Directorate General of Narcotics Control Bureau, have taken place to ensure proactive actions based on analytics and devoted efforts by nodal officers. Joint operations involving agencies such as the Gujarat ATS, NCB, and Indian Coast Guard have resulted in high-value seizures, as evidenced by three large busts in Gujarat worth Rs 892 crores in just three days.

Other states, such as Maharashtra and Delhi, have seen targeted anti-drug campaigns. A recent bust by the Noida Police in Greater Noida, which seized 26.7 kilograms of MDMA worth Rs 150 crore, highlights national efforts to battle narcotics.

Real-time data via the Election Seizure Management System (ESMS) has allowed for quick and exact evaluations of expenditure tracking. Furthermore, the placement of expenditure observers in parliamentary constituencies ensures active monitoring.

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