Enforcement, IT-based App implemented to reduce logistic compliance of Trucks

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New Delhi: Recently, the Department of Commerce and Logistics Division of India has come up with a risk-based approach intending to implement smart enforcement of rules and regulations related to road-based violations by trucks, in a strategic order to reduce the logistic costs of on-road transportation. An IT-based solution is also developed to execute a tech mechanism.
State government officials with another 100 senior officials from related departments had a meeting on Wednesday, where the recent approach of the Indian Logistics Division and Commerce Department and the IT-based solution were revealed. During the meeting, it was stated that such enforcement needs capital investment and manpower in the state governments, which lacks in many with the rising economic activities, by Special Secretary, Shri Pawan Agarwal. Only the reduced truck movement can help in lessening the cost burden significantly
All states have acknowledged this initiative at a wider scale and have agreed to its implementation according to the present condition of the state’s logistic division. And on a first cum-first basis, a total of 10 states will be covered within 2021-2022. Moreover, with Smart Enforcement App, states will have larger economic benefits which will help in cost reduction and corruption cut, hence preventing critical revenue loss, human life risks by making the roads better and safer for commuters and traders.

The implementation of this enforcement app-based initiative includes detecting data from the GSTN database related to VAHAN in advance to reduce risk and immediate action to be taken by the appointed officers, in case of violation happens and also sense their motion with cameras on NHAI to allow remote enforcement.

Eventually, the benefits leading with the adoption of the app are reduced in payable check of commercial vehicles, reducing e-challan, logistic costs, and workforce and higher revenue collection.