Manipur's Chak-hao rice dispatched to Kerala, Europe expansion underway

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Imphal: Manipur has dispatched 5 metric tons (MT) of aromatic black rice, known as Chak-hao, to Kerala. The consignment, originating from Freshiesfresh, Nahakpam Food and Beverages at Chingmeirong, is a testament to the growing demand for this prized rice variety.

Plans are also underway to export 20 MT of Chak-hao to Europe. Secretary of the Economic and Resource Development Organisation (ERDO), Nahakpam Shanta, has hailed the collaborative efforts of ERDO, Sangailand Farmers Producer Company, and Imphal West Farmers Producer Company in facilitating successful exports of Chak-hao to other states.

Shanta emphasized the superior quality of this year’s Chak-hao crop, anticipating favorable prices in both domestic and international markets. "With ERDO’s support, Chak-hao cultivators stand to gain significant income from exports", Shanta said.

Dr. Kh Nimaichand, Project Officer of the Agriculture Department’s Mission Organic Value Chain Development for North East Region (MOVCD-NER), stressed the importance of maintaining cultivation quality to capitalize on the burgeoning market for Chak-hao. He noted the promising market conditions for Chak-hao in Manipur this year.

Dr. Nimaichand highlights the potential of Chak-hao cultivation to boost farmers’ revenue, citing the increasing number of entrepreneurs exporting the rice variety beyond state borders. He encourages farmers to expand Chak-hao cultivation to capitalize on its economic benefits. Meanwhile, ERDO President Takhellambam Sanajaoba reiterated the organization’s commitment to improving farmers’ economic prospects. In addition to Chak-hao, ERDO has supported the cultivation of other crops like ginger, turmeric, and potatoes to enhance farmers’ livelihoods.

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