New E-commerce rules of India to affect the online market

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Bengaluru: At least four industries of the E-commerce sector will be affected in a wider range under the changes made by Government.
Online companies such as MakeMyTrip, Zomato, Swiggy, Ola, and Uber and home services company Urban Company will see an impact with the changes proposed by the Department of Consumers Affairs.
Currently, these aforesaid online companies are under the potential review process of the India E-commerce rules draft, which is beyond the marketplaces like Amazon India and Flipkart.

The spread of such rules is drawing attention negatively from industry stakeholders. Also, a concern is raised over the flash sales promoting as domestic alternatives such as in the travel sector. E-tailers since last year were asked to show their origin country while selling imported goods and services, though they were strictly restricted to e-marketplace only.

Despite the rules to be imposed and criticism of the industries towards it, some unfair things happening in sectors like food with constant negligence over the period.
Though E-commerce firms are not in complete favor of this clause, it has become harder now for the platforms offering services like travel as a liability due to pandemic disruptions for two years.

A confusing is stringing between e-tailers, brands, and sellers terming the government clarifications as “vague”.

Source: ET