NHPC Gains Highest Net Profit Of Rs. 8506.58 crore For The F.Y 2020-21.

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New Delhi: NHPC for the F.Y 2020-21 conducted an official financial audit. India’s premier hydropower company and a ‘Mini Ratna’ Category-I Enterprise under the Ministry of Power have declared its Audited Financial Results. As per statement, the board approved the inspection report for the F.Y 2020-21 highest net profit of Rs.8506.58 crore.

As NHPC Limited is an Indian Government hydropower board under the ownership of the Ministry Of Power NHPC Ltd., incorporated in the year 1975, is a large cap company (having a market cap of R.s 27171.82 crore).

For the F.Y 2020-21 profit after tax of Rs.3233.37 compared to last F.Y 2019-20 of Rs.3007.17 crore has reported highest net profit. For the FY 2020-21 revenue stood at Rs 8506.58 crore compared to Rs 8735.15 crore revenue generated operation in the last fiscal year. Consolidated net profit for 2020-21 stood at Rs 3582.13 crore, compared to Rs 3,344.91 crore in 2019-20. The entire revenue of the group in 2020-21 was Rs 10,705.04 crore as against Rs 10,776.64 crore in 2019-20.

NHPC Power Stations achieved generation of 24471 Million Units (MU) in FY 2020-21.in due time of COVID 19 amid pandemic.

NHPC, today has about seven lakh shareholders. The total bonus payout for FY 20-21 is Rs 1607.21 crore as compared to total bonus payout of   Rs 1506.76 crore for FY 19-20. The Board of Directors of power  have also recommended final bonus of Rs 0.35/- per share for F.Y 2020-21 to interim bonus of Rs 1.25/- per share already paid by the Company in March 2021.. 

AK Singh, Managing Director and Chairman of  NHPC, with regard to the current pandemic situation  plans to share and enlarge its solar and wind power portfolio in an aggressive mode to improve and develop  its core business of hydropower development.CMD said  that in the previous projects with total installed capacity of 4134 MW. For the F.Y NHPC has registered MOUs for execution of 5 projects with total installed capacity of 4134 MW and we are focused on completing the projects as per schedule . Across all levels towards exploring newer avenues NHPC has released dialogues with concerned authorities for development of Hydropower, Solar and Wind projects. NHPC recently formed a joint venture company, “Ratle Hydroelectric Power Corporation Limited” with Jammu & Kashmir State Power Development Corporation Ltd (JKSPDC) for the implementation of  850 MW Ratle Hydroelectric Project. NHPC has also taken over Jal Power Corporation Ltd., for development of 120 MW Rangit Stage-IV Hydroelectric Project in Sikkim.