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Royal Global University appoints cricketer Riyan Parag as brand ambassador

BNE News Desk , June 20, 2024
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Guwahati: Royal Global University has officially onboarded cricketer Riyan Parag as its brand ambassador, the university said in a statement.

The partnership was officially launched at a special signing ceremony on the university campus. Dr. AK Buragohain, Chairperson-Academics, highlighted the significance of the partnership for the university and the broader community. Hon’ble Chancellor Dr. AK Pansari delivered a keynote address, outlining the university’s vision and the importance of this new alliance.

Parag expressed his enthusiasm for the new role and thoughts on the partnership. He expressed his deep honor to be associated with Royal Global University and expressed his excitement to be part of the university’s flagship campaign ‘Northeast Can’t Wait. Join the Change.’ He looks forward to inspiring students to pursue their dreams with the same passion and determination that has driven him in his career.

The formal signing of the partnership documents by Riyan Parag and Utpal Kanta, Director of Growth and Strategy, was also held. Executive Vice President Ankur Pansari expressed confidence and joy at this new development. He said, “Riyan Parag embodies the spirit of perseverance and excellence. His journey is an inspiration to all, and we are delighted to have him as our Brand Ambassador. This partnership will undoubtedly energize our university community and enhance our brand’s visibility and appeal among the youth.”

The collaboration will see Parag playing a central role in the second phase of the university’s ongoing campaign “Padho! Kuch Bano. Padhega Northeast Badhega Northeast.” This phase, dubbed “Northeast Can’t Wait. Join the Change,” aims to inspire students from the Northeast to pursue higher studies with a sense of urgency and enthusiasm. Royal Global University, supported by a Rs 100 crore plus scholarships initiative, is at the heart of this campaign.

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