Sikkim Pharma Units To Set up Covid Cares Centers With All Required Facilities.

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GANGTOK: During the lockdown period starting on May 28 for COVID 19 a pandemic incentive of Rs 300 per day, Pharma Companies have agreed to provide. The decision was taken by the Labour Department during a meeting conducted with Pharma Companies at Shram  Bhawan.

From May 17 till 31st of May Sikkim is on a lockdown following Covid norms.Due to lack of Covid safety , not following Covid protocols, some workers got infected with Coronavirus, so workers are protesting in some Pharma Workers .

It informs that the meeting was chaired by the Labour minister M.N. Sherpa to discuss issues related to the spread of COVID 19 in the pharma factories. It was attended by Labour secretary Namrata Thapa, Labour officials and representatives of almost all pharma units of Sikkim.

Dedicated Covid care centers with all required facilities including doctors would be set up by all the pharma units. For this, they will convert their guest houses into Covid care centres or hire hotels/private buildings During the meeting it was decided.

With a view to encouraging the attendance of workers, all the companies would provide an incentive of Rs. 300 per day to those workers who report for duty during the lockdown period with effect from the issue of the advisory dated May 28 by the Labour Department, the meeting decided.

Each pharma unit would be setting up a task force for monitoring Covid cases and for distribution of ration and medicine kits along with area mapping for proper data. The compliance report is to be submitted to the Labour Department on regular basis, the release mentions.

Distributing relief materials by the task force, consisting of ration, medicine kits, face mask, hand sanitizers, and gloves to the dependents of workers testing positive. Counseling sessions are to be provided to avoid panic among the pharma workers owing to the rising of  Covid cases in the companies.
It was decided to provide immediate relief (ex-gratia payment) in the form of cash to be fixed by the companies to the families of the workers who have died due to Covid-19, the release informs.
For monitoring Covid protocols by companies, a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has been issued to all the companies. The companies are to increase Covid protocol awareness through digital hoardings and audio-visual messages for the workers.

All the companies agreed to all the decisions taken in the meeting and assured for full cooperation in mitigating the hardship being faced by the workers owing to Covid pandemic situation and would work in the larger interest of the companies and the State government as a whole, said the Labour department.

In its advisory issued on May 28, the Labour department said the pharma units shall make arrangements for accommodation of workers within the company premises or if not feasible then by hiring rented buildings/hotels in nearby areas to minimize movement of their workers.

Regarding Covid care, centres to be set up by the pharma companies, the advisory notes that these centres should be well equipped with an ambulance, oxygen cylinders, Covid medicines and immunity-boosting food. Workers infected with Covid requiring immediate medical attention are to be shifted to STNM hospital and CRH Manipal.
The task forces constituted by the pharma companies are to submit weekly reports to the Labour department. The advisory also notifies pharma companies to pay the Rs. 300 daily incentive to the workers reporting for duty during the lockdown period.