Startups thank Nest for giving them exposure

Mayuri Chowdhury

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Startups who participated in a networking event held at the Nest expressed happiness that such events helped them in getting exposure and giving shape to their business.

The Assam startUp- Nest organized a Nest Connect on August 13 which is a networking event to meet start ups, investors, High Networth Individuals, corporate, service experts and potential employees and interns.

The event was graced by Prasanta Kumar Talukdar, Assistant General Manager( Investment), NEDFI Venture Capital Limited, Pranta Pratim Singha , Chief manager, corporate planning, NRL, Abhijit Bhuyan, MD and co-founder of Bohniman Systems Pvt Ltd, Rishi Baruah, Director, Asomiya Pratidin and Pratidin Times.

The Nest, an Assam startup, was launched on January 20, 2019.

So far, Assam Startup has fostered 179 firms, fostering them at various phases of development. 76 revenue-staged businesses have produced Rs. 42.6 crore in revenue (FY 20-21), while 54 incubated startups from the three COHORT batches have received a total of Rs. 30 crores in external finance.

Furthermore, the firms nurtured at Assam Startup have invented 20 patented items.

Startups fostered at Nest go through a rigorous incubation process in order to bring their idea/plan to market or accelerate the growth of their firm.

In the StartUp ranking done recently, Assam has been recognised as a leader in developing a strong startup ecosystem in the State.

The event was also attended by Debashish Majumder who is the founder of Momomia, banker turned entrepreneur who has built a Rs 18 crore turnover brand.

The event got an overwhelming response from the start ups of Assam. All the start-ups which have registered themselves were given 2 mins each to explain their brands and what they are looking for.

The start-ups which have been incubated in the Assam StartUp Nest were also present like Darjeeling Momos, HookoluPay, Aromica, Indie Bites and more.

Representatives of many startups said the Nest has helped them in funding, getting media coverage, networking and giving a shape to their business. The startups which have been registered for the nest connect were also very excited about the exposure that they got in the event.

The organizers of the meet said they are keen to hold more such events in the coming years to boost the start-ups of Assam.


Mayuri Chowdhury