Two Paper Mills Auction Cancelled in Assam

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Assam: E- Auctioning of two obsolete paper mills in Cachar and Nagaon district remains cancelled, informs the Joint Action Committee for Registered Unions (JACRU). JACRU further said that, no entities deposited Rs 55 crores as participating criteria for the E-auction process.

This decision was put forward by the Hindustan Paper Mill Corporation Limited (HPCL) before the Gauhati High Court.
The auctioning price was fixed at a reserve price of Rs 1,139 crore.
According to advocate V Sibal’s reports, throughout the interim petition filed by HPCL officers, supervisors association and two other officers hearing, sought court’s intervention, stated that E-auction notice of paper mills is canceled currently.

Meanwhile JACRU has requested the further intervention of Assam CM and Silchar MP Rajdeep Roy into this matter and save both the paper mills.

The two paper mills – Cachar Mill at Panchgram in Hailakandi district and Nagaon Paper Mill at Jagiroad in Morigaon district, are the units of Hindustan Paper Corporation Limited remains shut since October 2015 & March 2017 respectively.

Nearly, 1200 employees remain unpaid and its been going on for the past 54 months, 89 employees succumbed to the dead, and four committed suicide.
And if adequate steps aren’t taken, many more lives will be at stake, adds JACRU.