Bamboo Beer: New Age Drink in Tripura

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Agartala: Special breweries are accounting as a welcome drink in North East India.

A beer brewed from bamboo, a new-age drink will be the fresh addition to the state’s indigenous breweries. And soon it may be available in Tripura market.

This food technology wonder is a mellow and tonic providing a new kind of wine with its distinct and subtle flavor of bamboo said in a press release from Jamatia.

The beer is formulated with grains that are fermented using bamboo dust, and leachate of bamboo. Then the brewed mixture of grains and bamboo dust can be used either as a material or by soaking bamboo in the grains spirit. A bamboo technologist in his study reveals that the bamboo beer can be hugely produced in the Tripura market as well as in other parts of the country if it meets the required potential, provided, with necessary technical support to set up the factory.

Since the expert was waiting for the test certificate, he may soon start the bamboo beers for commercial production, making them available in different flavors as per customer choice. He even adds that bamboo beer will be sold on a larger scale after getting the Lab test certificates.

If the bamboo production starts in the state, the factory will largely benefit the bamboo growers and also a scope of employment will be created for the citizens.

Moreover, it will play a major role in terms of tourist attraction while serving it as a welcome drink.

Based on the health benefits it also cures gastric adding true values to its production.