India's Northeast can leverage technology from Israel: Ambassador Gilon

Sweata Das

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Guwahati: There is immense promise for collaborations between India's Northeast and Israel, particularly in the technology sector, Israeli Ambassador to India Naor Gilon said on the sidelines of an event in Guwahati on Thursday.

Gilon spoke to Business North East at a 'Women Entrepreneurship Conclave' hosted by the Technology Innovation Hub (TIH) at IIT Guwahati, in collaboration with Israel's embassy to highlight the role of women in entrepreneurship while fostering collaborations between India and Israel in the startup ecosystem.

Professor S. K. Dwivedy, Project Director of Technology Innovation Hub, emphasized the IIT-Guwahati event's significance, stating, "The Women Entrepreneurship Conclave serves as a vital platform to celebrate the achievements of women entrepreneurs and facilitate meaningful discussions on overcoming the barriers they face."

Gilon said the event would further enhance "the collaborative spirit between India and Israel in fostering innovation and economic growth."

"Israel's expertise, especially in agriculture, can be leveraged [by India]", Gilon asserted. "With India's focus on high-tech and high-end manufacturing, Israel's technology can be a great fit, not just for the Northeast, but for all of India." Due to the "huge potential" for collaborations with India, Israel is planning to launch a center of excellence in agriculture. "I think Israel is a great partner in all India but also of course here, in Assam and Northeast India", he added.

Gilon also stressed the need for more start-ups to build a competitive economy in the Northeast Indian region. "Startups are crucial for innovation and the future economy", he said. "Encouraging startups, especially among young entrepreneurs, not only creates jobs but also fosters a culture of innovation and resilience against failure."

According to Gilon, India's "skilled workforce and motivated youth" are its greatest assets. "The human resource potential, especially the young population's capacity and motivation to succeed, is what makes India attractive for collaboration", he told Business North East.

A recent Bloomberg research noted India's "large and young population" is one of the major factors that could fuel economic growth. According to the US company's research, India will add 38.7 million more workers by 2040.

Meanwhile, at least 6,000 construction workers from India will be heading to Israel on subsidized flights during April and May, Tel Aviv said earlier this week. Indian workers are being hired to replace Palestinians blocked from entering Israel since the outbreak of the war in Gaza.

Relatively higher wages are luring the workers – while a construction worker in India can earn $150-$300 in a month, Israel is offering at least $1600 for a month’s work. In January, qualification tests for construction workers were conducted in the Indian states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh and 9,727 candidates passed.

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Sweata Das