Understanding 'Trinity', the biggest business opportunity in Northeast

Priyanka Chakrabarty

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Trinity Business Park is being touted as the biggest business opportunity in Northeast

What if businesses of all hues and stripes could exist under a common umbrella right here in the Northeast? That is the vision endorsed by the Trinity Business Park. The part, which is coming up in Guwahati's outskirts and is likely to be completed by 2027, seeks to platform hundreds of businesses under its wing. Business North East recently reached out to real estate expert Harsh Jain of, who is also a project consultant for more insights on this ambitious project.

Here are the excerpts:

Business NorthEast: What is the Trinity Business Park and why should people know about it?

Harsh Jain: 'Trinity' will be the biggest park in the Northeast covering more than 30 lakh square feet. Businesses from every category including cloth dealers, hardware, electrical, banks, and corporates are welcome. We have also brought in many types of food courts for their benefit and to create a vibrant atmosphere. The idea is that there should be a very big forum so that people of various categories from different cities can set up their businesses. Our strategically located park will facilitate walk-ins for several people. We chose North Guwahati as it has immense potential to become an economic powerhouse. All the warehouses are located in this area and logistical support like trains, lorries, and roadway transport is very good. There will never be barriers to vehicle movement due to our strategic location. Since the ideation stage, we have been defining clusters and have those for merchandise, hardware, sanitary, and electricals. There is adequate space for white-collared professionals like chartered accountants,  advocates, architects, and the like. Special emphasis is given to parking. We designed the project with our eyes firmly on the future. Our developers are well-established and have worked for more than 50 years in Guwahati. They have planned to focus on developing modern amenities.

BNE: What kinds of funds are associated with this park?

Jain: This project is for the people. Investor lobbies, and businessmen will get a return from day 1 investment (ROI). Those who have been connected since 2022 will get a very good opportunity to multiply their funds. Never has there been a phase when we had to slow the work. We have 1700 units out of which 550-600 units have already been sold. We are in the basement stage and our initiative is being appreciated. We are focussing on various aspects of the project such as payment schedules, investments, and return on investments. People who invest here will get a monthly rental, good corporate ties, and a world-class ambiance. If they want to start their business, they can utilize the space in the future. For fund planning, this will be the biggest opportunity in the Northeast to date.

BNE: Which government department has approved the project?

Jain: It has been approved by all the departments. and all clearances like building permission have been taken. The project is going on in full swing and will likely be delivered ahead of schedule along with occupancy.

BNE: What kind of employment are you hoping to generate?

Jain: We have sold 1700 units. Hence, there are 1700 owners. To operate their business, there will always be manpower requirements. So, this park could possibly generate employment for more than 10,000 people in upcoming years. We have a food court where there will be a requirement for employment of people. The maintenance department will need people. The shops and business owners will also need people.

BNE: The work will be completed in 2027. What else is left to be done?

Jain: I would like everyone to visit our project once to see the speed of work that we have been maintaining throughout. In the early days, we never missed deadlines. We are setting up all modern amenities including a lift, food court, podium area, conference area, centralized air-conditioned services (AC), 24/7 security, and podium walk-in area for ease of customers. We have a basement parking facility, open parking facilities, and others. A dedicated service facility will be available on every floor. We have visited business centres in Delhi, Kolkata, and other places to get ideas.

BNE: What kind of collaborations have you forged so far?

Jain: From day 1, when the investors will come, banking support will always be there. We also spoke to many corporations that are interested in opening their offices inside the park. They can open their retail counters as well. Many FMG units have taken an interest in the food court due to its design. We are framing the project with a customer-centric approach.

BNE: What are the challenges you have faced in developing this project?

Jain: We have not faced many challenges as we have a geographical advantage. Yes, there are some seasonal challenges. Sometimes there are manpower shortages as well. This is part and parcel of the project. However, we are getting enormous support from the people who are participating. The people to whom we sold units have recommended the site to others. More corporates are coming in to be a part of our project. We are also getting the public's support.

BNE: What is the current state of the project?
Jain: The site office is ready now and our team is there to help. Our piling has finished. Roughcasting is finished. Our basement slab is being readied. We are putting the finishing touches.

BNE: How is your own organization RateperSQFT associated with Trinity?

Jain: We were associated with some other business purposes but eventually developed a common mindset. We felt that we should create something of the people and for the people. We were also looking for opportunities. I have purchased offices in this building for our use as well. We are a are associated with Trinity Business Park H K Sagar Group as a complete marketing consultant and are helping in knowledge dissemination.

BNE: What should an entrepreneur do to get a room or space in the Trinity Business Park?

Jain: The usual method is to call our hotline number 8822555555. One can log into our website for all information. When someone visits the site, our executives will be there to assist them.

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Priyanka Chakrabarty