VP inaugurates the World Sustainable Development Summit 2024 at TERI today

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New Delhi: In a compelling address at the World Sustainable Development Summit 2024 held at TERI in New Delhi, the Vice-President of India, Jagdeep Dhankhar, underscored the imperative for global leadership to champion the integration of environmental protection and climate justice into the fabric of societies worldwide. Emphasizing India's pivotal role, he asserted that the nation serves as a beacon of inspiration, successfully balancing economic growth with ecological preservation.

Vice-President Dhankhar emphasized the interconnected nature of today's world, stating that challenges recognize no borders, and the impact of actions resonates across nations, disproportionately affecting vulnerable communities and ecosystems. He called for the formulation and adoption of people and nature-centric approaches to address these global challenges.

Highlighting one of the keystones of sustainable development, the Vice-President underscored India's commitment to transitioning to clean and renewable energy sources. He stressed that this commitment not only mitigates the impacts of climate change but also opens avenues for economic growth, job creation, and technological innovation. "India's commitment is evident not only in words but in action, with the implementation of policies that reflect a dedication to the principles we advocate," he added.

Expressing concerns about the looming threat of climate change, Vice-President Dhankhar urged for the harmonization of economic progress with a steadfast commitment to sustainable development. He stressed the importance of leaving a legacy that future generations can inherit with pride. Despite the daunting challenges, he remained optimistic, stating that by joining forces, embracing innovation, and fostering international cooperation, a sustainable and secure future for all can be achieved.

The event was attended by notable dignitaries, including H.E. Brigadier (Retd) Mark Phillips, Prime Minister of Guyana, Bhupender Yadav, Union Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Nitin Desai, Chairman of The Energy and Resources Institute, Dr. Vibha Dhawan, Director General of TERI, Dr. Shailly Kedia, Curator of the World Sustainable Development Summit, and other prominent figures in the field.

The summit served as a platform for global leaders to discuss and strategize on pressing issues related to sustainable development, environmental protection, and climate justice, reaffirming the urgent need for collaborative efforts on a global scale.

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