Farmers scientists met to interact on Finger Millet

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Itanagar: In a dedicated effort to enhance agricultural practices and promote the cultivation of finger millet, Vivekananda Parvatiya Krishi Anusandhan (VPKAS), based in Uttarakhand, organized a Farmers-Scientist Interaction event in Tawang on September 16. The event, titled "Promotion of Finger Millet in Tawang through Introduction of Improved Technologies," was conducted in partnership with the Tawang Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) and was in alignment with the International Year of Millets.

The inauguration of the program was carried out by Kitpi EAC Tshering Chedon, with the presence of notable figures such as RFPS agronomist L Jamba and grafter KN Prasad. District Bharatiya Janata Party Kisan Morcha President Tshering Dondup and VPKAS Principal Scientist Dr. RK Khulbe provided insights into VPKAS's initiatives aimed at promoting millet cultivation within the district.

Dr. DC Joshi, a senior scientist and millets breeder, delivered a comprehensive presentation on the significance of millets in regional food security and nutrition, shedding light on their increasing global prominence.

Millets agronomist Dr. RP Meena emphasized the role of mechanization in reducing production costs and enhancing profitability while specifically mentioning the VL millets thresher.

Kitpi EAC Tshering Chedon expressed commitment to provide full support to VPKAS in their endeavors to boost millet cultivation in Tawang.

CK Singh, KVK Agronomy scientist, emphasized the early yield and high productivity of VL Mandua 376, stressing the need for greater availability of quality seeds and millet threshers in the district to further expand the variety's cultivation in the state. Singh has played a pivotal role in promoting VL Mandua 376 within the district.

The event witnessed the active participation of 64 farmers from Kitpi, Named, and Shernup villages. This collaborative effort between farmers and scientists signifies a crucial step towards enhancing agricultural practices and improving food security in the region, ultimately benefiting the entire community.

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