Thieves cause power collapse in Nagaland's Wokha; Here's what happened

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Kohima: Nagaland's power department reported that a transmission tower collapsed in Riphyim Old area in the Wokha district on February 27.  The tower has been identified as AP No. 16, of the 132 kV Single circuit of the Wokha-Sanis Transmission Line, said officials.

"The collapse was caused by the theft of tack-welded nuts and bolts of the tower members, which led to disruption in the power supply. The adjacent towers, Tower numbers 15 and 17, are also on the verge of collapse due to stolen bracings", a department official said.

The line was constructed for the evacuation of power from the Doyang Hydro Electric Project (HEP) and is an essential part of the state's power transmission grid with connectivity to the state capital. However, it was not commissioned for many years due to the theft of materials and damage to several towers. The department faced significant difficulties in restoring the line in 2016, incurring significant expenditures from the state government.

The collapse of this tower has raised concerns about potential power outages on the 132 kV transmission line between Dimapur-Kohima-Karong (Manipur), the capital Kohima, and Tseminyu districts, and the upper range of Wokha District, including Wokha town. The department expressed "dismay at acts of sabotage to public property depriving the public of essential services" and lodged an FIR with the police.

It has appeals to village councils, civil societies, and stakeholders to cooperate and assist law enforcement agencies in booking the culprits. "The department is working to restore the line as soon as possible and seeks cooperation from all parties involved", it said.

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